sone is a music community for music communities.

Sone: a blueprint for openly building viable alternatives

What we build is openly available to others to contribute to, co-own, collaborate within, replicate, experiment with, or build into something else altogether. The means by which we build, publish, and release work online can be better. We're working to re-imagine and revisit the arcane knowledge of a forgotten internet before corporations bought and sold our every interaction.

To that end, Sone is a nonprofit. What we build is open source and cooperatively governed. No one can buy or sell what we create. It is not vc-funded or vc-owned in any way. What we build is in service exclusively to whom we build it for. All revenue is generated from our own tools and community. We're interested in incentivizing altruistic outcomes. We believe art can be a vehicle for sustained wealth redistribution, challenging existing conventions, creating systems that better serve us, and regaining sovereignty of our digital selves from the silo'd environments of platforms that continually betray our trust and support.

Our current focus is building Tone, a listener attention-centric music service that is owned and operated by everyone who uses it. We're building it out right now. Help us decide what an equitable music marketplace looks like: say hello over at our Discord or check out our codebase on Github.